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February 19, 2001

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I’m Premkumar, hello!
I’m really appreciative that you took the time to look at my profile.
I’m eager to communicate with you!

My birthplace was Chennai. I adore reading and singing. I regularly volunteer and have a strong enthusiasm for doing good. Pushy people annoy me. I will go out of my way to assist you if you are kind. I prefer to show respect to others. I love to learn about how to make money and I want to help people.
I always learn new things because I refuse to stop learning, and I strive to maintain my composure under pressure.
My greatest strength is the ability to recognise skills, gifts, and qualities in people that they may not even be aware they possess.
My greatest joy comes from supporting people in discovering and honing these qualities and witnessing them set sail enthusiastically and confidently towards a future filled with happiness, fulfilment, and success beyond their wildest expectations.
I’ve grown a great interest for this always changing subject of digital marketing as a motivated and aspirational student studying it at Digital Scholar. I’m keen to get knowledgeable about the most recent tactics and trends in the field of digital marketing so that I may use what I’ve learned to benefit my clients. I think that because I have a good eye for detail, I can elevate any brand and help it stand out in a congested market.
At the nexus of creativity and technology, I’m working to change the face of digital marketing and create a rewarding job.I’m always looking for new methods to develop as a digital marketer, and I have no doubt that my road will be one of growth, success, and learning from my mistakes and experiences. I’m excited to scout out the digital environment and use what I’ve learned to address possibilities and difficulties in the real world.Because social media is so important to digital marketing, I recognise how crucial it is to plan and carry out effective social media campaigns.
As a student, I am building my skills on various social media platforms and a solid understanding of how to interact and connect with the target audience.In closing, I want to say that I am eager to start this new journey in the world of digital marketing and am looking forward to getting to know other students, professionals in the sector, and anybody else who shares my enthusiasm for this area. I’m hoping you’ll join me on this adventure and offer your knowledge and insights. Once again, I appreciate you taking the time to view my profile, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Bachelor Of Engineering 2022
Anna University
Advanced Digital Marketing Course 2023
Digital Scholar

Work & Experience

Mini Jobs January 1, 2023 - June 1, 2023
Digital Scholar

Conducted brand analysis and social media analysis for Digital Scholar, driving a 30% growth in brand success Acquired proficiency in website building from scratch using WordPress and successfully launched a personal website. Created automation workflows using Pabbly Connect, resulting in a 20% reduction in workload. Designed a dummy landing page and implemented workflow in Pabbly Connect, improving total work efficiency by 10%. Wrote Headlines, 5 Bullet Points Using FBM Formula & Social Media Captions Using P.A.S Framework For Swipepages Landing page tool,Public speaking course by Digital Scholar & Incase iPhone Cover Mastered LinkedIn profile optimization, achieving over 300 profile views per month, 582 post impressions, and 60 search appearances

Intern July 1, 2023 - July 1, 2023

Authored a 2000-word and a 4000-word SEO-oriented article, showcasing exceptional writing skills.

Mini Job July 1, 2023 - July 1, 2023
Allo Innoware

"I generated content ideas for the Instagram page, and I developed a script for the influencer video shoot

Mini Job July 1, 2023 - July 1, 2023

I crafted two distinct social media posts—one tailored to LinkedIn and another optimized for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I authored an engaging 300-word blog post titled "Leveraging AI for Effective Lead Generation: Pioneering a New Era for Marketers." I composed captivating captions tailored for different social media platforms.


social media marketing
Content writing
Analytical Ability
Problem Solving


Second Highest Mark In 10th Std Public Exams 2016
Second Highest Mark In Public Exams 2018

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